Death By Design

More people than ever are choosing to be cremated, yet crematoriums are often grim places.”

In America and Europe, the decision and demand to be cremated is growing faster than what the crematoriums are capable of handling. Yet everyone wants to have proper ceremony and decorum surrounding the death of a loved one. Dominic Nicholls writes the story of architects attempting to provide a suitable space where people can remember their loved ones after choosing to be cremated.“…Death is a part of life. Once we leave the Earth we are still part of the universe, and architecture can help connect the two.”

Companies like RCR and Sacred Stones are trying to create a new model for burial services to meet the rising desire for cremation. This currently comes in the form of a sleek looking room that provides intimacy and privacy, or iconic burial mounds found in Anglo-Saxon areas of Europe. Both ultimately give people the same thing. A place to quietly have a moment to reflect on the memory of the ones no longer with them.

Death By Design Article