The Story

  1. Love Courage and Choice
    Be introduced to Alan and Phyllis and how they built a strong foundation to travel a loving journey through health, sickness and Alan’s conscious death.

  2. Reflections From Alan
    Enjoy an almost verbatim conversation with Alan four months before he died where he reflects on his life and his soon-to-be death.

  3. TEDxBellingham Talk > Transcript
    On November 25, 2013, seven months after her husband Alan died, Phyllis gave a TEDx talk in Bellingham, WA.

  4. Dementia & Alzheimer’s Presentation – Bellingham
    On September 26, 2015, Phyllis shares her personal story with new and updated information. She is one of four knowledgeable speakers.

  5. How Alan Healed from Cancer
    Details about how Alan healed from laryngeal cancer in four months.

  6. Whatcom Watch Article
    In this local Bellingham independent journal from June 2015, Phyllis is interviewed about her story and her husband’s courageous choice to VSED.