Zen Hospice

B.J. Miller, after a tragic accident,  began to positively think about how medicine and dying are connected. He has been an advocate for palliative care. A patient Sloan was nearing death as a 20-something year old. Eventually through medical advice from Miller, he entered Zen Hospice where he continued to receive good care and hospice became his family. Zen Hospice is a place not only to be comfortable but how to transcendent experience into death.  Zen Hospice’s mission is to change death from a medical point of view into a human experience.

B.J. Miller has taken it upon himself  to change the way we think about death and how it doesn’t have to be a feared experience. View his TEDTalk here.

Using empathy and a clear-eyed view of mortality, BJ Miller shines a light on healthcare’s most ignored facet: preparing for death

In preparation for his death, my husband did a lot of inter searching and was able to move past the fear of the unknown, and to think about how he wanted to die. He chose to pass away with his loved ones. I was there by his side when he passed.

This article in the New York times shows the amazing work that B.J. Miller is doing.