How Alan Healed From Cancer

This is the email that was sent out with Alan’s prayer intentions:

Dearest Friends and Family:

Here is Alan’s request for your prayerful intentions. However you pray is Perfect! Whatever God means to you is Perfect. Use whatever you want for the word “God.” We will all be doing the nightly prayer at 7:30pm. If you are not able to do this at 7:30pm, then please do it as close to that time as possible. We will be doing this together for two months. Please start this on Sunday, January 8th. Studies have proven that this type of simultaneous group prayer is very effective.

“I put my faith and trust in the flow of God’s grace for Alan Alberts. I know that the Spirit of God flows in, though, and around Alan, in every cell and every dimension. Every part of Alan’s body knows what to do and how to do it perfectly with ease so that he is free of cancer now.  Alan feels well and has vitality.  Alan has enough energy to play music on Sundays at Woodside Spiritual Center.  I hold Alan in the Love and Light of God for whatever are Alan’s highest and best good.”

With deep appreciation and love from,
Alan and Phyllis
The prayer circle was a big piece of the Community Healing. So many people have been involved in Alan’s healing. It couldn’t have happened without the Community.


I believe that a significant component of my healing was what I learned from Science of Mind which is a philosophy that says what you believe is what you receive in your life.

For all of my growing up years, I learned and believed that education was very important. My dad graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School, and I grew up knowing that getting a good education was important. By the time I was fourteen years old, I knew that I was going to college at Harvard.

Once I made the decision to go to college at Harvard, there was no doubt in my mind that it would happen. It was the only college I applied to.

Since I was a young boy, I had an image of myself of being very well educated and that visual image and belief drew many rewarding experiences into my life.

The concept of thinking things into existence continued to intrigue me.

After I retired from working with computers, I studied to be an NLP practitioner. That stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and it is the study of how limiting beliefs get installed in our minds and how we can change them.

I learned that it’s not enough to believe in what you want. You have to do something about the monkey chatter that tells you that you can’t have what you want or that you don’t deserve what you are looking for.

You can imagine that you’re wealthy, but if you also have thoughts in your mind like, “I don’t deserve to be wealthy, or I don’t have enough education to be wealthy,” those thoughts count too. The negative beliefs hold as much weight as the positive beliefs.

What made the difference for me is that when I consciously said to myself all the things that I wanted to believe, I also imagined feeling grateful for those things happening. That seemed to make a huge difference.

So, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I started, as part of my practice, imagining in great detail, what it felt like to be in the doctor’s office, noticing how I felt, what I heard, what I saw as he put the high tech tube in my nose and guided it to the location of the cancer he had previously seen. I heard him say, “The cancer is gone.” I imagined feeling grateful for being healthy again.

And that is exactly what happened, except that he also said, “and the HPV wart is gone too!”


I am now also now seeing the same naturopath, and I have started to clean up my mouth. I had two root canals, and the first one was pulled recently. I also had some cavitation surgery where one of my wisdom teeth was pulled. Often, when wisdom teeth get pulled, (and mine were pulled by a regular dentist when I was 17 years old) the ligaments underneath are not properly removed. Consequently dead tissue stays in the mouth and leaches bacteria and other unhealthy critters into our body. So leftover ligaments had to be cleaned out and dead bone was removed so new healthy bone could grow back. The biopsy of this surgery confirmed the dead bone in my body. I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity to improve my health by cleaning up the hazards in my mouth.


I have heard many people say that, although they would not wish cancer on anyone, they were grateful for the experience of having cancer. I now understand what they were talking about. I learned a few profound things from my experience.

  1. One evening, I said to Phyllis, “when I was a little boy, I thought my mother was the most beautiful person in the world, and I knew how much she loved me. But when I got older, I felt she stopped loving me. She was very critical and I did not feel the love I felt as a young child. I no longer felt loved. But as a result of all the love and kindness that has come my way from the community, I now feel loved again.

I am grateful for this experience. All this love helped me heal. It changed my life.

  1. Here is a quote about gratitude from Mike Dooley’s latest book: When you express gratitude or say “Thank you” to the Universe or your greater self, what you’re actually saying is synonymous with saying, “I have received”. You’re putting out gratitude to the Universe. And the only way the Universe can manifest that emotion back to you – that gratitude – is to manage circumstances, people and players in your life that will yield the gratitude that you first sent out.

If you feel grateful for something, it means that it’s real to you. Gratitude is a way of making things real.

And as I mentioned earlier, after I saw and felt my good health, and felt the gratitude, then the events began to unfold to enable me to have good health again.

While I was sick, I had very little energy, and I often thought that I might die. After a while, I felt OK about that. If I died, I died. And if I stayed sick, I stayed sick. And I began to realize that it didn’t make a difference as long as I continued to have love in my life.

So as a result of that, I have no anxiety about the future. I’m curious about what comes after I transition. I don’t feel that my death is imminent, but it’s not something that I concern myself with. I have lived a blessed life. I feel grateful and at peace.


When Alan told me the story about his mother, I thought, “Not feeling loved can give you cancer; and then feeling love again can cure cancer!” It was another reminder that the Community played a big role in healing Alan, in the form of different people and circumstances.

I would say this was the most difficult year of my life. I cried about five times a day, sometimes with Alan and sometimes when I was alone. I felt very isolated at the beginning of the process. Much of the year I was resentful, angry, fearful and grieving.

But here are some of the things I learned, (and am still learning). Because I’m learning these things, from another perspective, this was also the best year of my life:

Every now and then, I get downloads, or spontaneous revelations. These revelations often occur when I’m doing yoga or walking alone in the forest. One time, about four months ago, I heard inside my head, “It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters how you do it”.

Within a couple of days of hearing this message in my head, I randomly opened a thick book that was just given to me by a friend, called “I Am That.” It includes the teachings of an enlightened teacher. This is the paragraph that I turned to. When referring to the personal universe, he said “It is a stage on which a world drama is being played. The quality of the performance is all that matters; not what the actors say and do, but how they say and do it.” So I knew that a profound teaching was given to me. I learn about this on a daily basis.

Another message that came through me is that prayer and love are similar vibrations, and they both travel faster than the speed of light. Their vibration can cut through anything. I can instantaneously send love to any living thing on this earth. And Love is not in the form of a particular person or a particular being, LOVE IS, KINDNESS IS.

Soon after we moved to Bellingham, I felt the impact about not living close to any family. I am the youngest of four children. My siblings live in Mexico or California. My one daughter lives in Brussels, Belgium; Alan’s one daughter and sister live in California. For quite a while, I experienced a lot of anxiety and fear and sleepless nights thinking about what would happen if one of us got sick or was at the end of our life. Now I know what will happen. There will be a lot of Love and Kindness because LOVE IS. KINDNESS IS.

It’s unfortunate that Alan was so sick, and I was sad for both of us. But I wouldn’t have learned what I needed to learn if he hadn’t gotten sick. And Alan wouldn’t have learned what he needed to learn if he didn’t get sick.

We come together with significant people in our lives to learn lessons. My most important years of personal growth have occurred while Alan and I have been in partnership. Alan’s life circumstances put me in a position to confront many of my biggest fears and issues. This past year I learned how to walk in the direction of my fear. When I was in my twenties, I began to read a lot of Ralph Waldo Emerson. There is a famous line in one of his essays, “Always do what you are afraid to do.” This past year, I confronted and explored fear and anxiety. I made friends with it. I did a lot of growing up and began to take responsibility for my life in a way that I hadn’t done before. I stopped blaming others. I began to trust and relax. I also acknowledged my own personal strength and power. I now feel that I have more choice regarding how I act and can ask myself, “Is this mine to do?”


So the bottom line of our story, for both Phyllis and me, is not about specific health protocols. There is no one diet, no one protocol. What we’ve learned about creating change is also not new information. For years, people have written books about how to create change. We just know the information and apply it in a different way now.


Our message is about how we feel is what shows up in our life. What we think and feel is what shows up in our life. We can choose our thoughts and subsequent feelings and that changes our lives.


Love heals.


We have received your love.

Alan and Phyllis:

Thank you for being part of our healing community. (End of Presentation)