The Infinity Burial Suit: An Eco-Conscious Burial

Learn how mushrooms are taking green burial to a whole new level in this conversation with Namrata Kolla from Coeio.

On January 12, 2017 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern End Of Life University is hosting Namrata Kolla on  her End of Life University interview series to talk about Coeio and the eco-conscious burial process.

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Karen Wyatt, the founder of End Of Life University is hosting Namrata Kolla who works as the Partnerships Manager at Coeio. Coeio is a company that is involved in the end of life management from an environmental conservation point of view through their infinity Burial products. It is a new and coming topic called Green Burial. The Infinity Burial Suit incorporates the detoxifying and aid in decomposition of mushrooms.

You can watch Jae Rhim Lee’s TEDTalk about his inspiration and vision of the Mushroom Burial Suit:

For more information on the Coeio products you can visit their site: