Foreword Excerpt Part II from Choosing to Die

My recently published book, Choosing to Die, is the first personal story ever written about Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED). I am continuing to share excerpts from the Foreword, written by Dr. Timothy Quill, a well known palliative care doctor who is a leader in end of life issues. In much of 2015 and 2016, we both helped to organize, and speak at, the first national conference on VSED which was held at Seattle University in October 2016. Dr. Quill was the first keynote speaker.

My book goes into great detail. It is a love story, a partnership, and a journey I took with my husband as we traversed new territory. Now I share this information with others as a means to help educate others. For more resources and information on end of life choices, VSED and my personal story see the rest of my website. The book is available now on Amazon for purchase.

This is the second excerpt. The first excerpt is available here.

“This book offers readers an inside look at the many challenges leading up to, carrying out, and then making sense afterward of this decision. Phyllis walks the reader through every step, from Alan’s initial diagnosis, to searching for options for escape, to learning about VSED as a last resort option, to deciding when to begin the process, to carrying out the final phase, to experiencing profound bereavement, and to gradually picking up the pieces of her life after Alan’s death. VSED is not a journey for the faint of heart (but then, neither is prolonged degenerative disease). VSED is filled with times of intense intimacy and disconnection, with caregivers and friends, including those who step up and help and those who are frightened or disapproving. Phyllis’s book does not shy away from the hard parts of Alan’s story, as well as the parts that wereuplifting and inspiring.”