Changing The Way We Look At Death

In June 2016 California became the 5th state to allow assisted dying. Ray Perman was diagnosed with cancer and instead of fearing his death he embraced it with living life to the fullest. Ray set goals about what he wanted to experience in the final days of his life. He decided to take advantage of the death with dignity law. He took advantage of this by taking medication and was surrounded by his loved ones at the time of his death.

“I will have my closest loved ones around me when I do that. I’ll have an open house in the morning for my friends to give me a hug goodbye and then we’ll probably do the deed in the afternoon. Then my family can have time with my body in the evening, as long as they’d like. And I have a complete description on where to dispose of my ashes. It’ll be in the departure path of a Boeing aircraft that took off with my father, on an outgoing tide.”

Bay Area Cancer Patient Confronts and Embraces His Right to Die