Another Interview Coming Soon With John Wadsworth

The soul doesn’t go anywhere;
​ it’s the body that dissolves and returns to the earth.

My friend and colleague, John Wadsworth, is a gifted photographer and videographer. He is the Founding Editor and Creative Director of the beautiful “Art of Dying” magazine. In the opening “Editor’s Note,” John says: “Death is approaching everyone. One moment we will no longer be who we have believed ourselves to be. Our bodies will be lifeless. And all that we have experienced, our loss, our hates, our successes and our failures, will dissipate as dreams. How we die is important.”
John interviewed me last year, and I shared intimate information about my husband’s death when he decided to VSED rather than live into the late stages of Alzheimer’s. Soon John will interview me again about my personal story and how I navigated that journey with Alan. 

John has collected the largest volume of quotes about death and dying. For some years now, he has put a daily quote on the internet about death and dying. You can find it at These are quotes by philosophers, teachers, and sages of all persuasions.
One of the ways I start my day is by reading the daily quote on I hope you’ll do the same. After you do this for a while, you’ll see that your perspective about death and dying may begin to change. Below is a recent quote.


Pure consciousness cannot be destroyed;
it can only be expressed.
Knowing this frees us from the fear of death
because nothing in the universe is ever lost;
it is only transformed.
If you and I are speaking on the phone,
and somebody cuts off the phone lines,
what happens to us?
Where do we go?
Nothing happens to us, and we don’t go anywhere.
So, too, when physical death occurs,
nothing happens to us.
Certain lines of communication
that use a certain nervous system
have temporarily been disrupted.
But we are still here.
The soul doesn’t go anywhere;
​ it’s the body that dissolves and returns to the earth.

Deepak Chopra:   Power, Freedom, and Grace: 
Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness