The VSED Choice – Voluntary Stopping Eating & Drinking

  1. Is VSED Suicide?
    Phyllis explains the profound and important difference between suicide and VSED (voluntary stopping eating and drinking).

  2. VSED in 9 ½ Days
    This interesting and detailed edited log was kept during the 9 1/2 days that it took Alan to die. It cover what happened to him physically and emotionally.

  3. Medical Preparations for VSED
    Read about important medical considerations when someone wants to VSED.

  4. Care Giving Supplies for VSED
    A list of care giving supplies to have on hand to facilitate the VSED process and keep a loved one comfortable.

  5. Legal Preparations for VSED
    Read about the legal information to consider when someone wants to VSED.

  6. Being An Advocate
    Phyllis covers the important role played by the “Advocate,” the person who makes it possible for someone to VSED with the necessary support.