Helpful Resources

Here is a list of resources that may be useful as you deal with end of life choices for yourself or for someone else. They are not listed in any order of priority. I used many of them. 

  • Project MUSE – Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

    In the summer of 2016, the National Inquiry of Bioethics (NIB) published an issue that included much information on Voluntary Stopping Eating & Drinking (VSED). Phyllis is one of the people who had an article published. You’ll find interesting and useful perspectives in this issue. Click to open the contents of what is available.

  • End Of Life Washington:
    This website was my source for guidance and information when my husband was seeking information about the Death With Dignity Act and information about VSED (voluntary stopping eating and drinking). The Washington Death With Dignity Act went into effect on March 5, 2009. End of Life Washington has an excellent Advance Directive and also an Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Mental Health Directive. See the “quick links” on the website. Some other states also recognize and accept these documents. Click to see Robb Miller’s discussion about the End of Life Washington Health Directive and Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Mental Health Advance Directive. 1-877-222-2816 
  • Dr. Karen Wyatt:
    A retired hospice doctor, Karen provides resources and inspiration for many end of life issues. She interviews people online. Listeners can call in with questions, listen live, or listen at their convenience. I was interviewed online twice by Dr. Karen Wyatt. She interviews an array of professionals at least twice per month about different end of life issues. This is a very rich resource.
  • Compassion & Choices (the national organization)
    This is an end-of-life information center. It is also dedicated to getting the Death With Dignity Act passed in as many states as possible in USA. The Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill adults seeking to end their life to request lethal doses of medication from medical and osteopathic physicians. These terminally ill patients must be USA residents and have less than six months to live and be mentally competent.
    This information originated from the Hemlock Society, but that is not what it is called now. You can find the digital version of the book “Final Exit.” This is not about the Death With Dignity (DWD) option or voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED).
  • Death Knells, The Death of Fearing Death
    This site shares Death Knells to misconceptions about Death. Living beautifully and dying beautifully, our awareness expands, our essence ascends. Death is embraced as Birth into new Life awareness. Death Knells is the largest collection of daily inspirational quotes about death and dying.