Physician Assisted Death Versus Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)

I have great respect for Dr. Timothy Quill. For many years, he has been dealing openly with end of life issues as a palliative care doctor. I met Dr. Quill at the recent and first national conference on VSED held at Seattle University this past October. He gave one of the keynote addresses.

This is an interesting comparison between Physician Assisted Death and VSED. A 60 year old man was unable to access PAD because of it was not allowed in New York. He chose to VSED instead even though he wanted PAD because of his inability to have complete rights to his end of life choices.

Dr. Timothy Quill wrote the Foreword to my upcoming book, “Choosing To Die.” It will be released  on Amazon about April 9, 2107. I share my husband’s and my personal journey that led him to VSED rather than live into the